‘A Gathering’

The writer was so nostalgic when he received an invitation to attend the official opening of “a gathering” from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

What is the “gathering” all about?, among other questions remained lingering in the mind of this scribe as the day progressed nearing the event time.

“Between the artist and viewer, curator and viewer, and between the works of art themselves. It clicks when an exhibition feels like it has answered some questions, and raised even more”,Thelma Golden aptly put it.

Having attended the “gathering”, Golden’s words started to make sense, as the writer thought he understood that the gathering was all about the launch of exceptional art from Misheck Masamvu, Georgina, Dareth Nyandoro and various others.

After a deep reflection on the art, the scribe had no objectionable doubt that though it was a “gathering”, but only a gathering of an uncompleted puzzle as the exhibition created more questions than it explained. Thelma Golden, was absolutely correct in the quote above.

“Art is no longer expensive like it used to be, as it used to invovle purchasing of expensive canvas, brushes and paint but now art can be made through available material that can not be for sale”, Pikirayi Deketeke the guest of honour said.

Art is no longer a preserve for the elites and the rich alone, but it is all encompassing as it now solely depends on the creativeness of the person behind the art.

Yesteryear art was premised on sculpture and canvass but art being dynamic, art can now be done through found objects as exihibited and it is also encampassing across social strata.

The guest of honour paid tribute to Dr Solomon Guramatunhu who was in attendance for being the most collector of Zimbabwean art.

Deketeke went on to urge Zimbabweans to be collectors of art by Zimbabweans as it helps the industry grow.

The rare talent exhibition probably out of this world, is too enormous task for the one writing this, to reduce the representation of art into words.

If it was possible, it only requires another work of art, the artist and the curator to describe their art for the readers of this epistle to comphrehand the talent behind the art.

Nina Baldwin an artist parexcellence states that, “art touches the soul… art is communication… it reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing”.

The work of art at the Zimbabwe National Gallery exhibited starting yesterday, besides making the spirit sing, it edifies the soul and the imprint will remain eternally engraved in all corners of the hearts of those who attended.

The communication was unblurringly visible, for all sundry to see how through art, the artists spoke on societal issues.

Political, economic, social and technological aspects were all incorporated in the art through the art.

Abstract and sometimes comprehensive subjects such as climatic change and its effect was reduce into art for easy grasp.

Indeed, it was a worthwhile ‘gathering’ of artists, art lovers, art collectors and the art itself at the gallery.

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