women in agriculture union reflecting women and Development

Women and Development is an inclusive term used to signify a concept and a movement whose long-range goal is the wellbeing of society.

The recently held conference by the Women in Agriculture Union (WAU) clearly spell the mandate of women and development in Zimbabwe.

WAU is a consortium of women from various agrarian organisations who realised the need to unite and have an apex body to identify gender gaps and disparities in the agriculture sector.

The Union has 9000 members under its stewardship. It provides free membership and free access to agriculture trainings.

Sweet potatoe growing, agriculture tourism and piggery are some of the trainings spearheaded by WAU in an effort to capacitate women’s skills.

Women generally are the face of poverty, and WAU has taken upon itself to empower woman in the agriculture sector in order to eradicate poverty.

Woman farmers were encouraged at the conference to be particular in bookkeeping as records could help hem diligently manage their agrarian business.

Tofara online, an ICT company urged farmers to harness technology in their farming, that can be through digital marketing, record keeping and customer relations through feedback.

Women in Development approach gained prominence in the 1970s. It recognised women as producers and contributors to the economy and sought to integrate women in development by improving their access to resources and benefits.

Women are predominantly represented in the ranks of the poorest of the poor and are largely responsible for meeting the basic needs of their family.

Several testimonies were heard of how women through WAU, had their life changed for good through group schemes and life serving trainings.

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