drug Scourge A Menace to the poor


Noble measures are being taken by the Zimbabwe Republic Police to fight drug abuse that have become so rampant in the streets.

Statistics on the ground reveal a commendable job being done by the law enforcing agents. A multi-stake holder approach will be of paramount significance in combating the scourge and attain far reaching results in an effort to eradicate drug abuse.

Awareness campaigns to educate the society about about the consequence of drug abuse, how people can anonymously inform the police about drug or substance abuse, as well as educating the public

Commissioner General Of Police, Godwin Matanga

Arresting of drug peddlers should be coupled by rehabilitation of those already addicted to the drugs. A systematic informer system should be oiled so as to net the big dealers involved in the peddling of the illegal drugs since dealers are not found on the streets where small dealers are being arrested.

Drug abuse hit hard the poor people as there are large numbers of poor people as compared to the rich. More than 50% of Zimbabweans live below the poverty datum line and survive on $1 dollar a day or less. The poor are comfortable with cheap drugs such as ‘mutoriro’, mbanje, bronco ‘mangemba’ (mental patients tablets) among many. Drug abusers can contribute little money so as to purchase a drug of choice and spend the day high.

The poor people take the drugs as a way of escaping from the economic induced hardships. Poverty stricken communities are affected much with drug abusers as most of the young people are unemployed and spend much of the time idle hence peer influence takes center stage.

Police blitz normally target high density suburbs and squatter areas since they are guaranteed of arrests but the drug kingpins’ dwells in affluent suburbs and are hardly arrested.

Drug abuse is associated with several social ills among others, violent crime, physical and mental issues, as well being unproductive. The poor will become even poorer. Multi stake holder approach is pivotal in eradicating the supply chain of drugs and it goes a long way in sustainable development.

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